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We SKF group, a stand out Paddy Parboiling Plant, Dryer & Boiler Manufacturer, thrived our Organization through encompassing innovative technologies and produce quality Products to our valuable customers. We have imprinted our identity in diverse geographical locations through our impeccable service and quality in Paddy boiler, drier & parboiling plant designing and engineering. With our widespread network and apparent credibility, we could successfully commission over 5000 plants across the globe and gain a huge amount of trust from our beloved customers. Centering our headquarters in Karnataka, India, we could possibly manufacture the largest Paddy Parboiling Plant to the rest of the world, most importantly to the Asian, African and South American countries. With our dedicated workforce, we could continue to flourish in our production and satisfy our clientele in the long run.





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We, SKF group are considered to be a part of the top producers, providers, manufacturers and exporters of best quality Paddy parboiling and dryer. In the food processing industry, Paddy Parboiling and Dryer Systems is leveraged to remove the moisture content in Paddy that prevents spillage during storage. Due to its prominent need and necessity to prevent decolorization, insect insemination, mold, and odor contamination, etc., the Paddy dries are used in vast numbers. Being one of the latest Paddy drier and Parboiling plant manufacturers, we provide our customers with all innovative and sophisticated products. If you’re looking for quality Paddy dries then SKF is the right place to avail your Paddy drier.

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We are the well-established paddy parboiling plant manufacturer in India into various innovations. Regardless of what crop you have planted or where you are cultivating, we can give an answer that will work for you. We offer proficient assistance and establishment on an installation of arrangements including custom perpetual establishment’s models in various sizes of dyers and other parboiling equipment.

Least Maintenance Low Energy Consumption
Adaptable Modular Constructing Enormous volume limit accessible
Simple access all through for review reason Incredibly easy to use controls
Surprisingly delicate in handling of the grain Ideal vitality investment funds by coursing air and warmth recuperation
Logically fitted finned tubes gives, no warmth misfortune Superior fans and air warming innovation
Best material, guaranteeing long life Uniform product moisture by modern discharge technology
Reasonable for indoor and open-air establishment Brisk and consistent dampness evacuating without harming paddy quality.

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Driers and Parboiling

Raw paddy drier with hot air generating system




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Paddy which is considered as primary staple nourishment and significant supplements in numerous parts of the world is additionally significant staple nourishment in Asian and African countries. Regardless of the way that the characteristics wanted in paddy differ starting with one topographical area then onto the next, the interest for Paddy parboiling has been expanding a direct result of its notoriety for nourishing values and the nutrition claims related with eating this kind of rice. Parboiling is the aqueous treatment of Paddy before processing and it incorporates soaking, steaming and drying. The essential goal of parboiling is to improve the nature of rice and get a higher processing yield. The parboiled paddy shows a few points of interest over the un-parboiled ones, for example, improved bit fortifying, expanded processing recuperation and avoidance of loss of supplements related to processing, and improved timeframe of realistic usability. Parboiling is highly recommended to minimize internal fissuring and breakage. From the monetary perspective, the nature of processed rice is of central significance since grain size and shape, whiteness and neatness are firmly associated with the exchange cost of rice, while the nearness of broken grains, for the most part, a large portion of the market estimation of head rice.