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We SKF group, a stand out rice mill manufacturer, thrived our Organization through encompassing innovative technologies and produce quality Products to our valuable customers. We have imprinted our identity in diverse geographical locations through our impeccable service and quality in rice boiler, drier & rice mill plant designing and engineering. With our widespread network and apparent credibility, we could successfully commission over 5000 rice mill plants across the globe and gain a huge amount of trust from our beloved customers. Centering our headquarters in Karnataka, India, we could possibly manufacture the best rice mill machinery to the rest of the world, most importantly to the Asian, African and South American countries. With our dedicated workforce, we could continue to flourish in our production and satisfy our clientele in the long run.

We Manufacture New Generation Rice Mill Machinery

With our expertise process and new technologies, we turn out to be the new generation rice mill manufacturer. Unlike the usual methods, we at SKF bring out new ideas and innovation in our manufacturing procedures. Being an established Indian rice mill machinery manufacturer, we spend an ample amount of time in analyzing the needs of our customers and manufacture outstanding products. Innovation and quality are the two major factors that make SKF as a significant rice mill manufacturing company in India among the other rice mill manufacturers. To ensure customer satisfaction and keep up our reputation, we take a step ahead to knock-out the snags faced by the customer.

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Our Rice Mill Manufacturing Process

Rice consumption is vital in most countries; it is strenuous to serve rice to a vast population through natural ageing methods, the ageing might even take years. To overcome this issue, we at the SKF Group have implemented accelerated aging process. With the assistance of our process specialist and sophisticated technologies we underwent the instigation of accelerated aging. Our rice mill plant processing consumes very less time to process rice aging which eventually elevates production. Each and every procedure of the accelerated aging process is done under specific care and expert visualization. We intended to focus more on the quality of the product, take immense care in the fabrication to produce a similar quality obtained from natural aging so that the rice doesn’t lose any of its natural properties.

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We, SKF group are considered to be a part of the top producers, providers, manufacturers and exporters of best quality boilers and dryers. In the food processing industry, rice Parboiling and Dryer Systems is leveraged to remove the moisture content in rice that prevents spillage during storage. Due to its prominent need and necessity to prevent decolorization, insect insemination, mold, and odor contamination, etc., the dryers are used in vast numbers. Being one of the latest rice mill machine manufacturers, we provide our customers with all innovative and sophisticated products. If you’re looking for quality rice mill dries and plants then SKF is the right place.

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Rice Mill & Machinery Manufacturing Reviews

Ankita Rice Mill

ONC plant with boiler has been successfully commissioned; presently it is working very smoothly without threatening trouble. We are glad to say that the expected type of quality of steam rice has been obtained from your online cooker system, driers and boilers are working very efficiently without any trouble shoot.
We would especially like to appreciate the service engineers of SKF, Mr. Shivaganappa, Mr. Adarsh Poojary, Mr. Harban Singh for giving such an expected type of quality rice. SO far they have completed 5 batches of trail, and all the 5 batches completed are uniform and normal broken obtained. We are satisfied with your service on our ONC steam plant. The work is completed with satisfaction.

BK Agro Products PVT LTD

We BK Agro Products Pvt. Ltd at Sankoa, Kharagpur, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, We are Ok with your online cooler, drier & parboiling, it is working ok & now plant is running very well.
In presence of your engineer Mr. Sanjeev we have short out all of our rice mill issues. He has given the trial of 12th batch and the rice quality is excellent.
The quality of rice is so good & we are satisfied with your work. Thank You