Steam Drying Plant – Manufacturer, Supplier, Dealer

SKF Group is a standout Steam drying plant manufacturer, with thorough engineering execution and technological innovation. We have installed top machinery for our Paddy steam base dryer plant. Un-cleaned paddy which has metallic particles, stones, or some other dirt is cleaned by the primary, pneumatic methods. Cleaned paddy is taken care of in an overhead paddy canister, which disperses it into elastic husk removers and is shelled up to 90% - 95%. We depute our architects to visit our pieces of machinery, after placing the factory in activity 2/3 times within a guarantee period and for the most part every year to know and evacuate any trouble.

Paddy Steam Based Dryer Plant Solutions, Process & Principle

During the drying procedure in the Paddy steam base dryer plant; there is consistent variation in individual grains. Particularly in fixed-bed dryers, the grains at the air inlet dry quicker than at the air outlet bringing about a moisture angle in the grain mass toward the finish of the drying procedure. For the enhancing of a good quality grain or seed in a steam plant, this inconstancy ought to be kept as low as could be expected under the circumstances. Continuous sun drying, grain turning in fixed bed dryers, or course in re-coursing bunch dryers will improve consistency of drying, limit the re-wetting of dried grains and accordingly keep up grain quality.

The SKF group Raw Paddy Dryer is utilized to dry paddy to make it ok for capacity. Drying is the procedure that lessens grain moisture substance to a level where it is good for storage, making it the most basic activity subsequent for harvesting a rice crop. Deferrals in drying, deficient drying or insufficient drying will decrease the grain quality which can bring about enduring item misfortunes.

Our steam plant doesn't require an outer evaporator. It is extraordinarily intended to suit different sorts of paddy grains. These are fitted with frameworks to assist clients with checking and control the drying temperature. It has a hot blower and heater to guarantee to dry, and an advanced temperature controller to screen the drying. The uniqueness of this strategy is that it tends to be worked with husk, firewood, or biomass.

SKF Group - Steam Plant Designing

SKF Group is well known Steam Dryer Plants designing and manufacturing company. Using the Accelerated Ageing Process System (AAPS) technology, the raw paddy or the harvested paddy is made to pass through the steam that imparts special color and aroma. There is no soaking and no use of water in the process. The output rice is just as Raw Rice but with improved cooking properties and it will be having better taste and easy to Digest. The use of pre-steaming, which artificially “ages” the rice to a degree that it can be processed more uniformly to a better quality outcome .Specially designed and engineered AAPS plant ensures world class Steam Rice.